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Ministries of FSBC
"Hope in Christ" for Children


Do you have infants or toddlers? Our nurseries are divided into four age groups, from infants through three-year-olds. The goal of our experienced nursery supervisors and workers is for your child to be safe and happy.


We use a child check-in system so that our nursery supervisors can quickly alert you if your child needs you. When you check him into the nursery, we will give you a numbered badge. If he needs you, we will page his number; you will see his number appear on the two main screens at the front of the auditorium.


If your child seems upset when you drop him/her off, please give us a few moments to comfort him/her and interest him/her in the nursery activities. With the badge system, you can leave him/her and find a seat in the auditorium; if your child continues to be unhappy, we will page you.


For the safety of your child, we ask that you bring the numbered badge with you when you pick him up from the nursery. We do not give children to anyone that does not have that child's security badge with them. If you've misplaced the badge, your child's nursery supervisor will have the Nursery Director verify your identity and give you your child. This provides peace of mind for parents, because they know that no one will be able to pick up their child from the nursery without their security badge.


Our infant and one-year-old nursery workers lovingly care for your child as you would at home. We have fun, safe, and clean toys, swings, walkers, and cribs that are age-appropriate. Our nursery supervisors will follow your instructions, keeping your child comfortable and happy.


Our two- and three-year-old nursery supervisors plan an exciting time of learning and activities for your child. We offer healthy snacks, keeping the usual childhood tastes and allergies in mind. The toddlers in the twos and threes enjoy learning through games, activities, songs, and age-appropriate Bible stories. Your child will quickly make friends with the teachers and children alike.

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