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Spring Classes / January 3rd - June 15th
- Summer Break -
Fall Classes / September 13th - November 15th - December


Join us on Wednesday Nights for a fun time of learning and activity

for your children!

Wednesday Evenings!

7pm - 8:25pm

3yrs - 6th Grade

The Nightly Schedule is as follows...

What is Master Clubs?

Master Clubs is a nine-year discipleship program for children ages three through the sixth grade.


Master Clubs desires to support the mission of your church by evangelizing, discipling, teaching, and training your children to serve the Master.

How can I join?

Rally Time



7:10-7:35 Book Time

7:35-8:00 Game Time

8:00-8:25 Bible Time



7:10-7:35 Game Time

7:35-8:10 Book Time

8:10-8:25 Bible Time



7:10-7:35 Book Time

7:45-8:00 Bible Time

8:00-8:25 Game Time


Game Schedule

7:10-7:35 Primaries

7:35-8:00 Beginners

8:00-8:25 Junior

Each child must have an awards vest to be a part of Master Clubs, which cost $15 per vest (If you need a sponsor please let us know)

To register your child CLICK the link below to contact

Chris & Ashley Yarbrough


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